Now that Facebook is basically on it’s way to pretty much taking over the online world it is something that you really need to take a good look at to see how you can work it into your marketing strategy ~ and Facebook’s advertising program is a good place to start.

While FB Ads work much the same as other PPC or Pay Per Click ads do, there are a few significant differences that make it much more user friendly.

  • Facebook allows you to narrow your ads to be seen by more specific demographic groups (i.e. Age, Sex, Location and often interest).
  • Also people can “Like” your advertisements, which can produce a snowball effect. If you’re seeking to drive traffic to your website, Facebook Fan Page, Profile Page event, group or application, Facebook Advertising might be your ideal solution.

If you think it’s something that will fit in with your current marketing strategy here are some quick tips for maximizing your Facebook Advertising Campaigns.

#1 Choose your images wisely.

Each element of your advertisement is important and that includes your graphic or image. Make sure the image is relevant to your business and your advertisement. Consider choosing images that help strengthen your brand. Above all else, test and track your images to see which ones perform best. Many marketers find that their click through rates will plateau and a change in their graphic will help renew interest and boost CTR.

#2 Use your data.

Facebook provides an abundance of information to help you achieve the best results possible.

You have access to:

  • Standard metrics like Impressions (the number of times your ad is shown) and Clicks (the number of times your ad is clicked)
  • Demographic metrics about the people who are clicking on your ad like age, gender and location
  • Profile metrics about the people who are clicking on your ad like interests, favorite movies and books
  • Conversion metrics

(Source: Facebook!/adsmarketing/index.php?sk=reporting)

#3 Read the guidelines first

When you create an advertisement on Facebook it isn’t immediately approved. Facebook needs to review it to make sure it fits their guidelines. You can find and review the guidelines here –

You can also find a list of common mistakes, as they relate to the published guidelines, here – Common mistakes include publishing your ad in ALL CAPS.

#4 Use keywords in your ad copy.

What keywords are you targeting? Make sure you use them in your copy, too. Keywords attract the attention of your target audience. They motivate click throughs and ensure your prospect has positive connection to your ad.

#5 Keep your ad fresh

Don’t be afraid to change it up. Test various headlines, calls to action and images. Keeping your ads fresh and up to date will help you continue to receive the benefits and achieve your advertising goals.

~ One last tip which to me is the most important one

#6 Find someone who is already having success with Facebook Ads and learn from them. I recommend FB Money Ads by Martin Maybruck and Howie Schwartz.  I participated in a Facebook mastermind training over the past few weeks and had some great results! (You can see my testimonial on the sales page) This is the page I have been growing with the techniques I learned in this training and you can see the results so far! This training shows you step by step everything you need to know to get started out right with your campaigns so you don’t have to figure it out by trial and error like most people. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to use FB ads to grow their business!

As always if you have any questions send me an email or catch up with me on Twitter @MommaMarketing.

To Your Success!

Kate Wilber

PS Disclaimer:  The link in this blog post is an affiliate link and if you decide to purchase from it I will make a small commission.  Thanks!  Just remember I only recommend products that I use myself and feel would be beneficial to you and your business!