Everybody knows that having a Facebook Fan Page is an important strategy for small business marketing now a days.  But usually the most challenging part about Facebook marketing is knowing how to build targeted relevant Fans to your Business Fan Page. So today I wanted to share some tips with you on how to start building your Fan base and to keep growing it everyday.

Here is a quick list of 20 ways to grow your Fans

  • Invite your friends to be a Fan of your Page and ask them to recommend it to their friends also
  • Hold a contest with awesome prizes (using an app like the Wildfire contest app)
  • Use Facebook’s paid advertising to create a targeted ad to draw in new Fans (here’s a quick blog post I did about this recently)
  • Use Google’s paid advertising to drive traffic straight to your Fan Page
  • Invite your Twitter followers to become a Fan
  • Write an informative article about your niche, submit it to several article directories, and include a link to your Fan Page in the resource box with the call to action being “Become a Fan” to learn more about this subject
  • Create a press release about your business with a link to your Fan Page encouraging the readers to become a Fan
  • Use your Fan Page url in all of your promotional materials (tv ads, newspaper ads, mailers, etc..)
  • Continually add new content to your Fan Page that gets your current Fans to be engaged and commenting so their friends will be exposed to your content when they see the comments (the viral effect you keep hearing about)
  • Add a Facebook Like Box on your blog or website so you have a link on your blog straight to your Fan Page
  • End every email you send with an invitation to become a Fan and a link to the page
  • Invite your LinkedIn connections to become a Fan(there are actually discussions within some social media groups on LinkedIn that focus on just this)
  • Read Michele Scism’s book “How I Grew My Facebook Fan Page From 1 to 1026 Fans in 30 Days” (I have this book and it has some great tips!)
  • Put your Fan Page link on your business card and invite new people you meet at networking events to become a fan
  • Leave relevant comments on forums and blogs and include your Fan Page url when appropriate
  • Create an inviting Welcome page for your Fans (studies show conversion of non Fan to Fan is higher when the business page has an inviting and enticing Custom Fan Welcome Page
  • Post relevant helpful information “as your page” on someone else’s page who is related to your niche …so now all of their Fans will see your page…use this with caution and appropriately….number 1 rule..DO NOT SPAM…and you may even want to ask the page owners permission before doing so to be appropriate
  • Post a link talking about a helpful post someone else did on their blog related to your niche using the @their fan page so that the post will also show up on their page…also please use this appropriately!
  • Ask people to stumble, Digg, and bookmark your Facebook Page
  • Be active, create engagement with your current Fans, and have something great to offer!

Hope these tips help you get started with building your Fan Base.  Remember the key is to be consistent and work on this a little bit everyday.

To Your Success!

Kate Wilber

The Marketing Momma