We’re just past halfway through our checklist to get you more traffic to your website and more leads from it. If you need a refresher on how we got here, go ahead and read “Part 1: Above the Fold” and “Part 2: Body Content” again. “Part 3” is where we start talking about your personal brand and how optimizing that can bring you more leads. A defining principle of getting these leads comes from gaining the trust of your potential customers. They don’t want to give their money to just a business or company, they want to give it to a person. With so many companies and businesses for people to buy from, consumers are looking for reasons to buy from one and not the other. Showing your personal side and personal story gives them this reason.

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Lead Magnet Popup

Popups can and will work in getting more leads. We would like to warn you however that invasive popups or poorly made popups will result in the opposite of creating a lead and may frustrate the visitor. This is why we suggest adding a trigger for the popup lower on the page when people are likely getting interested in your service or product. Treat this popup like you would an elevator pitch. Write out quick and digestible content, add a complimentary image, and then hit them with a call to action they can’t resist.

Here are a few things that you could include in your popup:

  • A compelling headline to bring them in
  • A strong sub-headline to further enforce your headline
  • Three benefit-driven bullet points to give reason to use your service or product
  • A high-quality image depicting your service or product
  • A value-driven call to action button

Customer Case Study/Success Story

In the image above you will notice another section underneath the popup. This section is for you to showcase your customers satisfaction with you, your company, and your service or product. People trust what past customers and clients say about a company which makes their words powerful in bringing in new leads. Case studies and video testimonials work the best, but there is nothing wrong with a written review/testimonial from a real customer of yours. Do not write out a fake testimonial with a made-up person. Reach out to your customers and ask them for a real testimonial about your company and your service/product. Do this multiple times so you have more than one to post on other pages or create a slider to give viewers more options to read from.

Your Personal Brand is Your Business

Like we said earlier, people prefer to do business with a person and not just a company. This section below your customers testimonials is a good place to talk about you, the owner, the business runner, etc. Start off with a nice professional picture of yourself to give your customers a face to the company. This helps build credibility between you and your leads. For best SEO practice, don’t forget to add an image alt tag that best describe the image (ie, your name or another applicable keyword).

Your Story and Solution

Next to your picture is where you tell the viewer your story. Who are you? How did you get to where you are now? More importantly, why did you start your business? Why is it important? These are questions you should be answering in this section. Keep it short and easy to follow to keep your leads interested. They want to know what kind of person you are and if they can trust your business. They also want to know about how you came to realize the problem your service or product solves and how it solves it. Finish the section off with a call to action that brings them deeper into your site. This could be to your service or product page. If you think you can get a lead from just this section, link your CTA to your Contact page. Or, if you want people to know even more about you, link to your About page.

These sections are important to building a relationship with your leads. Knowing more about you, the face of the company, gives them a sense of investment when buying your service or product. We have designed many websites with personal branding infused in the content so if you have any questions or looking for a website designer to add your personal branding to your homepage, give us a call at 302-259-1644.