As any Mom could tell you … being a Mom is the hardest job on earth!  I don’t care what anyone says being responsible for the well being, safety, and successful upbringing of 4 other human beings has absolutely been the most challenging and hardest thing I have ever done!  But it is also the most rewarding, joyful, spiritual, daily awe inspiring thing in my life … my 4 beautiful babies are my world and I wouldn’t trade a second with them for anything.  So that being said when my 8 year old daughter brought me this picture the other night when I was working on my computer it brought tears to my eyes … and what she said when she gave it to me changed my whole perspective on the importance and reason I decided to build my business working from home.

She said “Mommy I drew you this picture to tell you I think you are a super hero … you work so hard and still get to be with us all the time and do what you love … I am so proud of you!”

When my daughter handed me this picture I had been taking a class on my computer … she had been patiently waiting for me to finish up so I could play with her some before bed.  As I’m sure you can relate if you are a work at home mom with young kids you know how challenging it can be to try to finish your daily work, be there for your kids, get the laundry done, clean the house so it doesn’t continually look like a tornado went through the house, and so on … the day and your job never ends!   Some days I really question my sanity in thinking I can keep all these things running smoothly … and still have the respect and love I need and want from  my kids while doing it.  But this one little moment reminded me why I chose to work from home to begin with.  The joy of being able to be the one taking care of my kids everyday, picking them up from school, going on their field trips and all of the other tiny little details that comes along with being a Mom … I get to be there for them 100% on my terms … and I feel soooo blessed to be able to do that everyday!

Last week I posted this question on my Facebook Page “Fellow Work at Home Moms this question for you … What is your #1 biggest challenge when it comes to working from home?”  The answers I received were so comforting and made me realize that we are all going through similar challenges and all Work At Home Moms need to be reminded once in a while that you are all “Super Heros”!

After all the definition of a Super Hero is: a type of character possessing “extraordinary or superhuman powers” and dedicated to protecting!  Believe me if you are a Mom you absolutely possess “extraordinary or superhuman powers” I mean who else on earth can change a diaper, cook breakfast, help their 3 year old potty train, put on makeup, wash your husbands clothes, and manage a profitable business all at the same time while managing to make it all look easy … only a Mom can do that!  And the protection part … well if you are anything like me my instinct to protect my children can be compared to how a Lion protects it’s cubs … with a fierce roar and razor sharp teeth … you mess with my babies and there will be he** to deal with to say the least.  (enough of my Mom on fire speech)  But reading this definition just clarifies what I think we would all agree on … Work At Home Mom’s are Super Heros!

So I just wanted to remind you … You are a Super Hero!  Don’t ever forget it and if you start to feel overwhelmed or have a day where you are questioning if it is all worth it … remember there are a lot of other Moms working from home going through similar situations and feeling the same thing … stop by my Facebook Page and connect with us so we can remind you of how awesome you are!

To Your Success!

Kate Wilber

The Marketing Momma

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