When you first start out exploring your options for work at home business opportunities or jobs it can be very overwhelming.  How do you weed out the legitimate work at home offers from the scams?  That is a really good question and the only answer I can give you is due your research, research research!

Don’t get me wrong their are definately a lot of top notch business plans offered online for some outstanding businesses but the problem is there are just as many if not more offers that pretty much just take your money and offer mediocre advice and leave you more confused then you were when you started out.

My candid opinion and advice on this would be to develop your own business plan by learning as much as you can about your niche and finding low cost ways to get started.  There is always the option of finding a good business coach and joining a Mastermind Group also.  The more you learn the more your business will grow.

Check out my product reviews page when you get a chance.  I always give my candid opinion on the products I review and they are always products I have bought and tried out myself.  I don’t believe in wasting time or money so I won’t give a recommendation for something unless it is useful for your business.

If you are still trying to decide which type of business you want to go into check out the 25 Home Business Ideas Book  for some great ideas.