One of the best things about starting a business from home is that it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to get started.

Depending on which business niche you decide to go into, will of course have an affect on your costs–but working from home definately has its benefits when it comes to saving money.

There are the obvious things like

  • Not having to drive to work because your office is right in your home (saves money on gas)
  • You won’t have to pay rent for an office space or retail space
  • Your business wardrobe will probably be less expensive because you won’t have the added costs of buying professional business suits
  • Your business may be able to help cover some of your household expenses depending on how much space your office uses in your home.  Some examples of this would be your computer and internet expenses might be able to be paid in portion by your business if you are using it for both personal and business use.  As well as your electric and phone.  Check with a business accountant or tax advisor for more information on these issues.

Here are some quick ways to get started making money from home that the costs are either Free or nearly nothing.

  • Selling items on ebay(you are charged once your item sells)
  • Start a Blog, build up traffic to it, promote affiliate products or offer advertising spots(Free to get started)
  • Fill out surveys online and get paid per survey(some places charge a small fee to get started but others are FREE)
  • Start an online store–if you offer products through drop ship this is a very low cost way to get started.  Your basic costs would be buying a domain name, hosting, using a shopping cart, and merchant account…but all are minimum expenses.
  • Sell hand made products on Etsy

There are tons of ways to make money working from home you just need to do your research and decide which one is right for you.  And remember you can always just start out part time and keep your full time job until you feel comfortable with your at home business enough that you feel you can make a full time income on it.

If you want some more great ideas for working from home check out this great resource