One of the best and effective ways you can market your business is to your already existing customers.

Once someone buys from you their is an established level of trust, and as long as you are offering quality products and service then you will keep that trust.  That is why staying in touch with your customers is so important to the strength of your business.

Email Marketing is a great way to do this.  Here are some tips on getting your customers to sign up for your email list or newsletter and keeping their interest.

  1. Offer them something fabulous for exchange of them signing up.  So it is a benefit to them and you.  An example would be a free book, or a discount coupon, or even a free product.  It has to be beneficial to them in order for them to be willing to give you their email.
  2. Be consistent with your emails–if your customer expects to receive you newsletter weekly–then make sure you deliver it weekly, or if you advertise a monthly discount code–make sure you send them the code each month.  Customers love when you follow through on what you are promising–that is how you build trust and respect for your business.
  3. Once they are on your list—do not try to sell to them everytime you send them a message.  Provide them with helpful information that they will benefit from.  Always give more then you take and go above and beyond what is expected and then you can’t go wrong.  Your customers will love you for it!
  4. Final tip is try not to be too long winded—nowadays everyone is busy, busy, busy and if you try to make your emails too long your customer won’t have time to read it let alone follow through into buying from you.