Hi everybody!  Hope you are doing well today. I just wanted to give you a quick reminder that I am away on tour this week.  I am guest blogging at www.workathomesuccess.com.  Come by and check things out.  I am giving 5 Tips to Starting An Online Store throughout the week.  Also it’s a good idea to just come by and check out what Leslie has to offer at the Work at Home Success Blog.  It’s a great resource for anybody who is interested in working from home or even starting a small business from home.

Another quick reminder for this week is to tune in Friday for The Marketing Momma Blog Talk Radio Show.  I will be interviewing Lisa from MyColorfulTreasures.com.  She is going to be giving us some great advice on web design and graphic desing for online stores.  So don’t forget to stop by on Friday to listen in.

Hope you all have a great week!