Video is a great way to market your business!

It’s quite obvious that video has taken the internet by storm.  So much that it’s literally left some people in the dust scrambling to figure out what exactly to do.

For most, the thought of creating your own video scares the living daylights of them.  So you buy PLR videos, right?  The hard work is done for you, throw up some videos and you’re good.  Right?  Wrong?

Sure, a lot of the hard work is already done however, how do you make those videos yours?  How are your viewers supposed to know where to go to buy the recommended product?  And more importantly how do you brand the videos with your affiliate link so you get credit for sending these buyers?

If you thought creating video scared folks.  Guess what editing videos does!  There’s so many affiliate marketers who have PLR videos sitting on their computer just gathering virtual dust.  And leaving potential cash lying on the table!  Just waiting for the next affiliate marketer to swoop in and rip it right out from under your nose.  Sound familiar?  Sure it does!  I was one of those scared chickens too!

Truth be told though, you don’t need to be scared.  Even you can edit a video and brand it with your affiliate link so you can earn more cash.  It just takes a little research, a little practice and a whole lot of patience.  But it’s so very worth it.  Studies have shown that more customers and visitors prefer videos 2 to 1.  Two to one!

Why wouldn’t they?  You’re probably one of those customers as well.  Videos help you focus more on what’s being said and most importantly, when it comes from a learning standpoint, you’re able to see step by step, screen by screen exactly how to accomplish something.  This is so much more effective than reading a long page of text.

As you can see it’s well worth your time and energy in learning how to do this (especially when you see it’s not quite as difficult as you think it is).  It’s time to dig out those PLR videos, dust off the virtual dust and grab that money off the table before the next affiliate does.

Check out this new program that I recently bought about using videos to build your business.  It is by Liz Tomey and is called My Video Cash Machines. With this video series you will learn how to edit and brand your PLR videos with step-by-step video instructions so you too can use video marketing to explode your income. Just head to for a great program you won’t regret buying.  At the unbelievable low price of $17.00 you can’t go wrong.  It will give you all the information you need to get started marketing your business with video!