This week like every other week in social media new things have been launched, new topics have been discussed, and new strategies have been taught!  Today I wanted to share with you the top things I came across this week that I know will be helpful to you.

Social Media News:

  1. Facebook now lets users create repeat events from past events:  This is great news for people that announce events on their Facebook Page since alot of people are using this feature for weekly or monthly ongoing events they are having.  They made it easy for you to just duplicate the prior event and invite the same list of people saving tons of time and work.  Yay!
  2. Instagram cuts off the ability for your images to work on Twitter: Is it a cooincidence that this is happening after the aquisition of Instagram by Facebook … heaven only knows … but it is a shame that they can’t all play nice together!  You can still have a link to your image show in your Twitter stream but unfortunately your image won’t show up in the feed just the link will.
  3. The New My Space has launched: If you are a music lover then this might be the social network you want to put the most focus on.  I checked it out today and it looks pretty cool … and honestly anything that has Justin Timberlake involved in is going to Rock 🙂
  4. Foursquare now allows Businesses to include event listings in their Foursquare profiles, it will display the events to users when they search for nearby venues, check-in and view previous check-ins. This is great for small businesses using the social media platform to expand their growth locally.

Top Social Media Marketing Lessons to learn this week:

  1. LinkedIn Tips this week:  4 Ways to Profit From LinkedIn from Social Media Examiner
  2. Facebook Marketing Tips this week:  Most Engaging Facebook Posts for the Week of 12-2-2012 (study how these posts got engagement so you can do the same with your posts) from Social fresh
  3. Instagram Marketing Tips: 5 Tips for Running a Photo Contest on Instagram from Social Media Today
  4. Pinterest:  How To Increase Pinterest Traffic & Direct It To Your Site from Simply Zesty

Staying on top of what’s new in social media marketing each week is key to making your marketing strategy work.  Things change quickly so knowing what’s new on the platforms you are focusing on will keep you at the top of your game!

To Your Success!

Kate Wilber

The Marketing Momma

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