Since I just launched my new course I thought I would give you a few tips today on getting started.  If you are thinking of starting a home based business starting an online store is a great option.  It is fairly inexpensive to do and with my step by step training you will really have a good foundation for your business to start out right.

When you decide to start an online store, you may feel overwhelmed. You may worry that it is going to be a lot of work and it will cost a lot, but do not despair. When you choose to start an online store, there are several things you can do to make it a success.

  1. When you choose a web host company, find one that gives you the most bang for your buck. This does not mean going with the cheapest of the web hosting companies. It means you want a web host company that gives you ecommerce solutions, website design software and even marketing as part of your monthly payment. Generally, you should be paying $50 and under.
  2. Make sure that what you sell is something that you can get for a cheap rate from multiple suppliers. You want to pass on the savings to your customers, and if one supplier goes out of business you want to keep the prices the same with a backup supplier.
  3. Lastly, research what other online stores are doing so that you can make sure you do what the successful ones do, and avoid what the unsuccessful ones do.

These are just a few tips for further tips to starting an online store, visit and get a copy of my FREE report “Top Ten Things To Know About Running An Ecommerce Store”.

And don’t forget about the broadcast next Friday at 12:00 on Blog Talk Radio for my interview with Carla Phillips from MySEOGal — she will be sharing some great tips on setting up your store the right way in regards to SEO.