Facebook is a great place for you to market your small business. Creating a fan page is a great way to drive people towards your business. That being said, you will want to find a way to make your Facebook fan page great and really stand out. Here are some tips for how you can make that happen.

  • One tip is to make sure your Facebook fan page is easy to get to. When you first create the fan page, you will have a very long and confusing domain name. However, once you reach 25 fans, you can have a custom domain name that says Facebook.com\YourFanPageName.  Just go to http://www.facebook.com/username to set up your custom url after you have achieved 25 fans.
  • The second tip is to create a custom Facebook Welcome Page that represents your brand in an enticing way.  Include links back to your website and your other social media pages so your visitors can get a feel for what your business is all about and have other ways to connect with you.  A few other great ideas for your welcome page for fans is to include a video of you or about your business.  Video is a great way for your customers to really get to know you in a more personal way and to help them feel connected to you. You should also include an opt-in box with an offer that your potential customer can’t refuse.  This will help you build a list of potential customers that you can stay connected with on a continual basis by following up with them by email.  For help with creating a custom facebook fan page visit http://www.boldbrandingtactics.com
  • Under the information section for your business, be as descriptive as possible. You want to explain completely what your business is about, and how people can reach you. In addition, put in the history of the business, where it is located and what people can expect from the business.  You will also want to include a link to your Fan welcome page and a link to your main website.
  • On your main wall for the fan page, put up deals, offers, new sales coming up and more. That is what people will see first when they go to your fan page so you want to make sure they get all the information about what your company is offering to fans.
  • You can also include helpful tips regarding your industry ~ anything that you think your fans will appreciate and get benefit from.

Remember with your Facebook Fan Page, you want to make it beneficial for new visitors to become a fan and give them reasons to stay a fan.  Give them reasons to interact and be social with you on your page–after all that is why it is called social media. Another great reason to encourage people to become fans is because whenever you put something on your Facebook Fan Page wall, it will show up on the news feed of your fans. So the more fans you have, the more exposure you will have for your business.