When developing a business in todays world you really need to find a way to make yourself stand out from the crowd.  You need to relate to your customer on a personal level and find ways to convey your qualities as a business to them to build trust and an ongoing relationship.  Here are a few ways to start building that relationship.

  1. Provide relevant informative information on an ongoing basis showing that you are an authority in your industry.  You could do this by blogging, having a newsletter, social networking, etc…the key is to be informative, trustworthy,  and helpful.
  2. Using video to build a relationship with your customers is a very powerful tool.  When doing business online sometimes it is hard for customers to establish a relationship unless they can really feel like they have met you in person and gotten to know a little about your personality.  Video can do this for you.  Use video on your blog and on YouTube to get your brand out there.
  3. Building relationships with other successful people in your industry or niche is a tremendous way to establish a powerful brand.  Don’t ever underestimate the power of relationships–some of the best business ventures are achieved when you combine two like minded individuals with the same goals combing their knowledge and effort.
  4. Find your Unique Selling Point and market that to your customer.  Why is your brand better or different than your competitors and why should the customer choose you over someone elses business–let them know why.
  5. Let your happy customers build your brand for you.  Use customer testimonials and reviews to help build trust with your potential customers.

Be consistent with your brand building and most importantly be authentic!