Hi guys!  I just wanted to give you a heads up about the interview I will be conducting tomorrow with Kay Green the owner of www.MyPreciousKid.com on my BlogTalkRadio Show.

This interview is part of the series teaching how to start an online store and you won’t want to miss it.

Kay has had an online store since 2001 and has had some great success.  I always love it when successful people are willing to share their tips and advice because I think we can all learn so much that way.  They say the best way to become successful is to find someone already being successful at what you want to do and learn everything you can from them and then repeat it in your own way.  Don’t try and reinvent the wheel–learn what works and then take action and use it.

So don’t forget to listen in tomorrow at 12:00 noon–she will be sharing some great advice on how to market your website and get some great exposure for your online business speaking from her experience of working online for 8 years.

So since we are on the subject of learning from great mentors–I also wanted to share with you another great place and person that I have learned a lot from recently.  Her name is Lynn Terry and she is so generous with her knowledge and experience–I just recently joined Lynn Terry’s Elite Club and have honestly learned more in two weeks of being a member then I had all year.  This membership is such a steal for what is offered there–I can’t rave about it enough.  The forum is filled with other like-minded extremely helpful individuals and believe me you can’t go wrong–make sure you check it out if you want to learn as much as you can about building a business online and still stay on a reasonable budget while doing it.

Here is an interview with Lynn Terry and Nicole Dean that can give you some great insight about Lynn and what her knowledge is.

Have an awesome day!
Kate Wilber