I have recently been asked some great questions about backlinks and how they can help your website marketing and SEO strategy.  So today I am going to lay out the basics for you.  Remember when implementing a new strategy for your marketing campaign start with the basics and then build on that.  So when it comes to your back linking strategy for your website make sure you learn how to do it correctly and then work on increasing your efforts to building beneficial backlinks.

Back Links are a very important factor in your marketing strategy for many reasons.  The most important reasons are simple:  one – the more relevant back links you have pointing to your website the more importance google gives your site, and two –  the more relevant backlinks you have pointing to your site the more likely your potential customer will find you through one of those links.

Think of it as roadmap –if there are no roads leading to your store then how is anyone going to visit it.  Also if there are roads leading there but there is no clear relevant path like a map people will just be finding it randomly ~ and how effective do you think random is going to be on your bottom line.  As I hoped you noticed I said “relevant” several times in the above sentences ~ that is one of the keys to a successful back linking strategy.  Let me clarify what I mean more below by giving you some examples of the correct way to implement a back linking strategy.

There are several ways you can build back links including directory submissions, blog commenting, forum posts with your link in the signature line, blog posts on your own blog and other people’s blogs, submitting articles with a link to your site in the resource box, submitting press releases with a link to your website, submitting video, Creating Squidoo lens with a link to your site, Posts on Social sites like Twitter, Facebook, Linked in(which by the way are great for back links due to their high page rank), bookmarking, and so on.  To create a successful back link campaign you should try to incorporate several if not all of these strategies into your campaign on a daily basis.  But the key to all of this work is still how “relevant” you make your link.

Relevant back links mean the link pointing to your site has a relevant subject in relation to what your site is about.  So as an example if I am trying to rank well in the search engines for “girls clothes” at my children’s boutique then when I am building backlinks to my website I want my links to be about girls clothes.  So when I submit to a directory I want to use the keyword “girls clothes” as my title because in directory submissions the title becomes the active link.  When I submit an article about girls clothes to an article directory when I write my resource box I want to have a link with the anchor text of the keyword “girls clothes” pointing to my website.  And you want to repeat this process for any of the links you are working on for that particular keyword ~ making sure your active link has the keyword in it usually in the way of anchor text if possible so google and your potential customer knows what type of content that link will be leading them to on your website.

So now that you have the basics of how back links are relevant to your seo and marketing campaign you will need to set up a plan on how you will consistently build relevant back links to your site everyday if possible.  A quick and easy way to find some great back links that you can work on building every day is by using a program like 5000backlinks created by Lynn Terry and Paul Short.  Having a program like this simplifies the process and saves you a ton of time, time that you could be spending with your family and enjoying yourself!

To Your Success!

Kate Wilber

The Marketing Momma

PS Disclaimer:  The link in this blog post is an affiliate link and if you decide to purchase from it I will make a small commission.  Thanks!  Just remember I only recommend products that I use myself and feel would be beneficial to you and your business!