I have been dabbling in a lot of different ways to make money online for some time now.  Even though my main source of income is still from my Children’s Boutique I am always looking for other ways to bring in extra income.  One way that I have been doing this is through affiliate marketing.  To be honest when I first started to learn about affiliate marketing I was so overwhelmed on where to start that I got really stuck and made no money at all.  But then I came across this course by Liz Tomey and it really filled in a lot of the missing pieces for me.  This course got me on the right track to making money with affiliate marketing and she also offers a great free follow-up course for further training called “Train Your Affiliates” which is an ongoing helpful tool to keep you on the right track to learning everything you need to know to be successful with affiliate marketing.   I wasted so much time and money trying to learn things on my own and this course really laid it all out to where it made sense.

I don’t recommend products lightly because I myself have wasted a ton of money and time on things that just gave you pieces of what you need to know but never give you the whole picture–but this wasn’t the case–it was actually very refreshing to find someone who wants to teach you how to succeed.  But don’t get me wrong there is an alterior motive for the top-notch training–if she teaches you how to be a great affiliate marketer than you can make her money too–by promoting her products as an affiliate.  It is a win win proposition and for the cost of the course you can’t go wrong.  Honestly I learned more from a week of working on her course than I did a whole year of trying to figure it out on my own.  So check the course out by watching this video.  Check back here often for more information on affiliate marketing also.

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