Hi everybody!  I am back from a long much needed vacation and want to get back in the swing of things for your small business online marketing tips.  So today I want to ask you 10 questions that you should be asking yourself when you are marketing your small business online.  Marketing online can sometimes be challenging so you want to make sure you are thinking of everything when establishing a marketing plan.

10 Questions to ask yourself about your small business online marketing

  1. Do you have a marketing blueprint and are you being consistent with your efforts?
  2. Do you have a traffic generation plan and set schedule to follow?
  3. Are you building your brand with your marketing and staying true to yourself and your business?
  4. Are you staying focused on your “target” market when marketing?
  5. Are you adding value to your customers time with you?
  6. Are you staying in touch with your customers?
  7. Are you conveying and displaying all you have to offer in your marketing efforts?
  8. Are you learning from your competitors?
  9. Are you taking advantage of offline marketing as well as online marketing tactics?
  10. Are you allowing your happy customers to market for you with their testimonials and recommendations?

Ask yourself these 10 questions everytime you start your marketing efforts for your small business and this will be a good start to keep you on track!  Hope everyone had a nice Holiday and Happy New Year!!  Now get out there and market your business!  And remeber if you don’t have all the time it takes to all of the marketing yourself check out my Virtual Services Page to see if any of my services would be helpful to you.

PS:  Disclaimer–the link in this blog post is an affiliate link and if you purchase from it I will receive a small commission.  Thanks!