In this shakey economy the one thing that is for sure is that most small businesses are struggling.  They are trying to find every possible way to keep their business going and effective marketing should be at the top of that list.  Consistent internet marketing is a great small business marketing tool.

I know first hand how the economy has affected small businesses because my husband and I are the owners of several small businesses.  The first thing that happens is that you look at all possible ways to cut costs when things are tight–but your marketing should not be at the top of that list.  You still need to market your business effectively in hard times because now more then ever you need to stay in front of your target customer to keep those sales coming in.

The solution is to find inexpensive small business marketing tools that you can use effectively but also stay on a small budget.  That is why the internet is your best choice for inexpensive marketing tools for your small business.  There are so many free options out there to market your small business online you just have to know where to find them and how to use them effectively.

Here is a quick list for Small Business Marketing Tools:

  1. Blog about your business
  2. Join several forums related to your niche and become active in them
  3. Create informative videos about your business or niche and mass distribute them
  4. Write helpful articles on topics related to your niche and distribute them to article directories
  5. Become a guest blogger on a blog related to your niche
  6. Write a Press Release about something newsworthy about your company
  7. Create a Squidoo lens about your company and what you have to offer
  8. Create a Twitter account and become friends with others interested in your niche
  9. Post ads on Craig list for offers of your products
  10. Join a Mastermind group or business association that you can network with others related to your niche
  11. Follow up with your existing customers with a weekly or monthly newsletter

This is just a quick list to get you started with some small business marketing tools.

PS Disclaimer:  The links in this blog post are affiliate links–I will receive a small commission if you choose to buy from any of them.  Thanks!