Did you get your Google + Business Page set up yet? Here are some quick tips to get you moving in the right direction!

How to set up your Google + Business Page:

So, let’s get you started – Log in and create your personal profile –  after you have a Google+ profile set up you will want to click here . Now pick your category – tell the Google world what type of business or product you have.  Then just add in your company name, website and select the “make your page public” option!

Once you’ve created your page it really is all about gathering friends, customers, business associates, and acquaintances in to “circles”.  As with Facebook, Twitter or any other social media site, it’s important to remember that we get only when we give.  Google+ realizes that and makes it exceptionally easy to share a message with a specific circle and to add people and remove people from one circle or another.

Start by building your network (circles) and then as always with any social media site ~ share quality content, engage with other users, and be social!

Here are some great tips to make your business page stand out from the rest!

1)  To prevent having your tag line cut – be creative and use less than 21 characters

2)  Use keywords to describe your business in the “About” section – it currently only permits 56 characters

3)  Make sure to add your Google+ page widget information to your website

4)  Try to send a message of “thanks” to people who add you to their circles

5)  Update your posts regularly so people 1 – get to know you and your brand and 2 – know you’re active

6) Make a great looking banner for your page that stands out

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To Your Success!

Kate Wilber

The Marketing Momma