I was so excited the other day to receive a message from a friend of mine that I had recently met at a business seminar.  A few months ago I attended an event given by Fabienne Fredrickson in NYC.  I drove there for the day to attend the event and learned a ton of stuff but also met some great entrepreneurs!

I did not know a soul there when I arrived but after being there for just a few minutes I started networking with the other attendees and met some really fabulous people.  You never know who you are going to meet at these types of events and that’s what’s so great about attending … the people you meet can turn out to be just the right person you needed at that particular time in your business growth .. that has happened to me several times now and that’s why I make sure to try to attend a few of these events a year. As you’ll see below in the email my friend sent me … this is what happened to her too!

After the event we did what most people do … we added each other to our Facebook friends so we could keep in touch.  At the event we talked a bit about what we were both looking for to help with our business growth … after learning what my new friends goals were I gave her a few recommendations on people I thought might be helpful to her with her goals (the people I recommended were also friends I had met at other seminars like this one that had different types of services that I have kept in touch with through facebook).

Here’s the message she sent me …..

“I have some great news. Thanks to you (for introducing me to Kristen Eckstein) just yesterday I signed up for her Platinum “I am Published” program! My book should be out early next year! It is so exciting and I wanted to share it with you.

Had I not met you at Fabienne’s seminar; I would have paid thousands more to get my book out and I would have made only peanuts from each book sale. So Thank you so much for referring me to Kristen and for helping me reach my goal of becoming an author. Hope our paths cross again!

I was so excited for her … and I knew she was in good hands.  Even though I do not know Kristen that well(we are friends on Facebook from meeting at an event a year or so ago given by Bob Jenkins “Bob The Teacher”) I have met her in person and learned about her business when I met her (and also know of several other business owners that have worked with her and had great success! ) As I’m sure you know you do not have to be close friends with someone to give a highly deserved recommendation for them … you just have to see proof of their work and feel confident in their integrity of what they offer.  When you meet someone in person (even when it’s at a business event) it is a lot easier to create that type of connection, people tend to trust you more if they have had a one on one connection … and look at what this type of connection can do for your business.

When I first started my business I was very leary of attending these types of events … I tend to be verrrrry shy,  but after attending my first couple events and seeing the results it gave me in new connections for my business (and not to mention the knowledge you gain from the actual event) … it is well worth the effort to get out of my shell from behind my computer and meet that next stepping stone I need for my business!

If you are thinking of attending an event in the next few months … here’s a great list of entrepreneurs I highly recommend.  And if you decide to go to any of them please let me know I would love to connect with you there!

Michele Scism’s ~  Take Action Get Results Live (I will be attending!)

Bob The Teacher’s ~Not sure when Bob’s next event is … but all of them are great!

Fabienne Fredrickson’s ~ Mindset Retreat

Hope we can meet in person soon!

To Your Success!

Kate Wilber

The Marketing Momma