Are you one of the popular kids?  Ugh .. I know … did you just get an awful flash back from high school when your popularity status was the only thing that seemed to matter, me too …  Sorry about that!  But Thankfully that’s not what I am talking about!

Unlike High School when no matter what we did popularity was based on a lot of things that didn’t seem to make any sense ~ Thankfully when we are talking about your business we can actually have a lot of control and input into how that turns out.  (This is a little off track of my point and a bit of a rant but … I mean really doesn’t it crack you up when you watch those funny movies and the all star mean spirited jock who everybody voted most likely to succeed ends up driving a taxi when he grows up … and the geek that everyone made fun of ends up being the millionaire that flies in on his helicopter to the 25 year class reunion because he made his fortune on the internet(love it!) … not always the case but I love it when the underdog comes out on top … but lets be real … High School Popularity standards were tough and somewhat distorted and uncontrolled for the most of us … Thank God we all grow up and learn what’s really important in life!) 

Luckily ~ now that we are all grown up that kind of popularity doesn’t mean a thing … But knowing how popular you are in business does matter … and Thankfully we have complete control over that especially when it comes to social media! Planning out an effective social media marketing strategy that will put you at the top of the Popularity Poll is easier then you think.

Here are some keys to success with it:

  • Implement a consistent targeted effort to grow your network on a daily basis
  • Provide top quality content related to your niche
  • Build a relationship with your network by engaging with them
  • Just like everything in life ~ Give more then you take and you will be surprised at how much comes back to you naturally!

Once you put those strategies in place make sure to track how your efforts are paying off.

Here’s a great video I watched today on GeekBeat.TV  that gives some great tips on some tools you can use to do just that.

You can check it out here:


Once you find out how popular you are using the tools laid out in the video make sure to put some strategies into place to keep improving on it … that’s the fun thing about social media and being in business for yourself … we can make changes as we go to always keep testing and improving on our results!  The skies the limit on how much you can achieve when you put your mind to it!

PS:  If you want to share stories about the good and bad of high school popularity … I would love to hear your comments below! I actually loved my High School Years … all the good and bad … I had really big hair and lots of pimples :)) … but also made some life long friends that I am still close with today!

To Your Success!

Kate Wilber

The Marketing Momma