Have you ever felt like your social media strategy has become mundane and just plain old boring?  Are you wondering why you aren’t getting the engagement you are looking for when you post?  I came a cross this awesome video yesterday and just loved it.  First off it is just an awesome Pep Talk for your overall life but is also has some great rules to apply to your social media strategy as you will see from the tips below!

Make sure to watch the video … it should be required watching for everyone in the world in my opinion!  And then check out the tips below to see how these same tips on life can be applied to your daily social media strategy!

So now that you have watched the Kid President Pep Talk video here are some key points to take away from it and apply it to your social media strategy and your own every day life!

1.  Don’t be boring!  ~ This goes for your everyday life and also in regards to your social media posts.  If you are looking for better engagement, this should be the first thing you evaluate.  Are you sharing interesting content?

2.  Life is not a Game and either is social  media marketing ~ It’s time to take your social media strategy serious, treat it as important as any other marketing strategy you would apply for your business.  It s just as important, if not more important then any other strategy you are currently using. So plan it out, have a budget for it, evaluate your results and adjust as needed.

3.  Take the road less traveled , and Make sure you take the one that leads to awesome. ~ Just because you see everyone else posting 1 time a day and only posting their links to their blog, doesn’t mean it’s right.  Make sure to learn what works from someone who is an expert and then apply what you learn.  There are tons of so called experts in social media, make sure you do your research before you take their word for it. (One indication to evaluate if they really know what they are talking about is by looking at their own FB Page .. if they don’t have any engagement going on and only a few hundred fans then I would not necessarily consider them an expert)

3.  Don’t stop believingSocial Media Marketing takes time, give it the time it needs to pay off from your efforts.  You can’t expect to do a few posts a day for a few weeks and start selling tons of stuff, unfortunately it does not work that way.  You need to take the time to build up a good base of fans and followers and then build a relationship with them, then the other stuff will come in time.  It takes work and it takes time … but don’t give up, it does pay off.

4.  What will you create to make the world awesome?  If you want to create an income from your efforts in social media marketing it is just like any other form of marketing … you need something awesome to offer people.  You can do all of the marketing in the world but if your product or service sucks … you probably won’t make a lot of sales.  So make sure to take the time to create something awesome!!

5.  There’s always a reason to dance ~ I’m not sure how this applies to social media … but I love to dance … so I just had to include it!!

6.  Tell them to share your content ~ Did you watch the video all the way to the end?  Did you notice how he asked everyone to share the video?  This is a key step that a lot of people leave out.  It’s ok to ask people to share your content … people want and need you to tell them what to do if you want them to do it.  So ask them to share it and most of them will!

I am going to apply number 6 right nowif you liked this little Pep talk please share it with your friends, fans, and followers!  I would love it and appreciate it!!

I hope you enjoyed this little Pep Talk as much as I did!  Now get out there and create something that will make the world more awesome!

To Your Success!

Kate Wilber

The Marketing Momma

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