Do you ever feel like your mind is mush … no I mean it … like real just smooshed up squishy mush?  Like your brain is on empty!

As the mother of 4 young kids very close in age and a business owner I know sometimes I am just running on fumes.  This type of running from thing to thing managing everyone’s schedules in your household can reek havoc on your brain cells.  Leaving you with mush brain and lack of creativity.

When this happens to me I often find it hard to come up with great content to share with my readers, not because I don’t have knowledge to share but because my brain is just maxed out and on empty.  But I found a few ways to overcome this so I wanted to share them with you today.

5 Tools to save you from mush brain and give you the creativity you need for great content:

  • Curation Soft ~ The first tool I love to use is called Curation Soft.  This cool tool helps you curate content based on keywords so you can do some research based on your topic and see what’s hot right now.  You can either do some research to spark some ideas for your own content or you can also just use it to find other people’s great content in your niche to share with your readers to be a resource for them.
  • Google Alerts ~ Google Alerts are email updates of the latest relevant Google results (web, news, etc.) based on your queries.  You can use these alerts to find out what’s new in your industry based on the keywords you enter.  You can set it up to send you daily alerts, weekly, or even as it happens.  I use google alerts to monitor what’s new in my industry that way I can be on top of sharing quality on time content with my readers.
  • Answers.yahoo.com ~ Searching question sites can give you a ton of ideas to write about.  Take a look to see what type of questions are being asked based on your niche and then write a blog post or some social media content answering them.  This is content your niche already wants to know so you know it will be valuable to them.
  • Social Networking Sites ~ If you are looking for topics to write about why not just ask your Fans and Followers what they need and want.  Do a quick survey or just post a question on your social media pages and ask what types of things are challenging them when it comes to your niche.
  • Your Blog Reader ~ Do you subscribe to other blogs in your industry?  If so take a quick look at what other people are writing about in your industry and then create your own content on some of those topics with your own knowledge.

The other thing I do to remedy mush brain is to just take a break …. spend the day with my kids or a good long book, regroup and start fresh again the next day.  That’s the beauty of being a self employed entrepreneur … if we need a break we can take it … so remember to take care of yourself!  Enjoying the day to day is the real beauty of it … remember not to get so stuck on focusing on your Goals that you forget about enjoying the ride!

If you have any cool tools that you would like to share that help spark your creativity I would love to hear about them below in the comments!

To Your Success!

Kate Wilber

The Marketing Momma

Didnt your Momma teach you any manners?  Kate Wilber is the founder and CEO of The Marketing Momma.  She helps small business owners bring their brand online in an effective and affordable way. Specializing in WordPress Website Design and Social Media Marketing she thrives in working with other small business owners to bring their dream alive online using the top industry strategies for ultimate success!  She has been working online full time since 2008 Read More