Twitter is one of my favorite social media platforms to use when marketing my business.  The reason I love it so much is because you can meet some really great people and talk with them from around the world in seconds …. so cool!  I love the fact that I can be sitting in front of my computer in my little town in Delaware and be talking to someone I just met in the UK and finding out what they are having for lunch or doing for the afternoon with their family.  It is relationship building at it’s best and it is instant.

It’s also a huge benefit for growing your business online.  The simplicity of Twitter really removes some of the obstacles some of the other social media channels like Facebook and Youtube impose when building your network online … you target, you post, you connect and build relationships … it can be as easy as that!  The problem I have with Twitter is that most average business owners don’t understand it enough or become so overwhelmed when they first try it out that they get discouraged and then don’t use it to it’s full benefit for marketing their business.

So today I wanted to share with you some quick and easy tools you can use to take the overwhelm and confusion out of the picture so you can get started with marketing with Twitter with confidence.

My 5 favorite tools to simplify Twitter for your business marketing:

  • ~ Great tool to use to monitor your account, schedule posts, and stay on top of your Twitter efforts in an organized way.
  • ~ Great for researching your target market on Twitter, managing your followers and unfollowing people not interacting with you
  • ~ This is the Yellow Book for Twitter, research in a targeted way and find great people to connect with
  • ~ Use this tool to send automated direct messages, schedule posts, and more
  • ~ Use this tool to automate your efforts in building new followers in a targeted way

There are tons of tools available out there for Twitter so the best way to decide which ones will work best for your business is to just start using them and then decide which ones will fit best into your marketing plan.

Hope we can connect over at Twitter if we haven’t yet … make sure to stop by and introduce yourself … I would love to hear more about your business!

To Your Success!

Kate Wilber

The Marketing Momma


We are celebrating our goal of reaching 30,000 Twitter followers this week!  We are almost there! Woohoo!

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