Hi everybody,

I just got done my interview with Kay Green from www.MyPreciousKid.com on my Blog Talk Radio show and let me tell you she gave some really great advice.  When you get a chance listen in on the interview.

Kay has been in business online for over 8 years and she really shared alot today about her challenges and success in building that business.

She shared how she went from 3 orders a week to about 50 orders a day over a period of time by adding different marketing strategies into her business and staying consistent with the ones that work.  If you could take just a little bit from her advice and apply it into your online business just think of the difference that could make to your bottom line.

I also came across a video today that I wanted to share with you on Lynn Terry’s blog–this video really struck a cord with me because it really summed up what it’s like to build a business online and to do it around your passion.  As a woman in business myself building my business around my passion–(which is helping other moms learn to build a business online so they can work from home and have the awesome experience of raising their kids and bringing in an income with a successful business—wow that was a mouth full!!) this video was right on target.  It really shows why I can’t recommend Lynn Terry’s Elite Group enough—this video just gives you a peek inside what Lynn’s forum has to offer–she really is a great mentor to follow.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Kate Wilber

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