In Facebook’s ever changing features and functions there are two new ones this week that are worth mentioning for the great new benefits it gives page admins.

Fan Page Admin Roles

The first one is the ability to give page admins roles based on permissions.  This is a great new feature for businesses that have several people managing the page.  You can now distinguish and determine who can do what within the page giving more control and security for page owners.

There are five roles including Manager, Content Creator, Moderator, Advertiser and Insights Analyst.  Depending on which role you choose for an admin will determine what permissions they have on the Fan Page.

Here’s a screen shot from Facebook’s Help Center describing the permissions of each role.

This will be a great feature for Business Owners delegating out their daily social media management!

Schedule Posts on your Fan Page

The second feature added this week is the ability to schedule posts right in Facebook.  Before this week the only way you could schedule a post on Facebook was to use a third party app like Hootesuite and the results of using the app were less to be desired due to the scheduled posts not showing up within Facebook newsfeed results well.  Now that you can schedule the posts right on the Fan Page this will help with the daily management of the page for busy business owners and it will also avoid the problem of 3rd party app lowering your visibility with the scheduled posts.

To schedule a post just add a post like you normally would in the status section, then look for the little clock icon on the left hand side below where you add your content, click on that and add the date you want it to be scheduled.

One problem with the feature is that Facebook does not allow you to edit the post after you have scheduled it, but you can manage the scheduled posts in your Activity log where it will allow you to change the time, post now, or cancel the post.

Make sure to check out these new features on your Fan Page and try them out to see if they will be beneficial to you in your daily page management.  Let me know if you have any questions and your Likes and Dislikes about the new features in the comments below!

To Your Success!

Kate Wilber

The Marketing Momma

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