With the recent release of the new Google + Brand Pages it has left a lot of small business owners thinking “Do I really need another Business Page on another Social Media Site?” … and the answer is YES!

I know if you are like most of my clients as a small business owner the last thing you want is one more thing to add to your social media duties (and if you do feel that way don’t worry I have a solution for you) …. after all most small business owners are still just figuring out the whole social media thing in the first place and seeing how it fits into their overall marketing strategy but when looking at all of the added benefits of implementing a Google +Brand Page this is one strategy that will be worth the added effort … and here’s why:

Additional Search Engine Benefits

The jury is still out on exactly how the new Pages will effect search results and what the exact overall results will be but there are benefits showing up already for search results of brands using a new Google + Brand page. The new feature Direct Connect easily hooks search and google + Pages together.

Here’s how it works ~ Direct Connect enables users to go directly to a brand’s Google+ page if they type the ‘+’ in front of their Google Search. Also search results for these pages now include the last couple of Google+ posts from the company below the entries for the official website. Along with the Google+ posts, Google has also including an “Add to Circles” button to enable searchers to follow brands directly from the search results.

The added benefits of additional search engine result exposure is a great reason to get started on implementing a new Google + Brand Page for your business and as with all social media the more you are out there presenting your brand within the social media channels the more exposure you will get.

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“An amazing opportunity for page managers:
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