I have some great tips for you today about marketing your business with Video.
I know that sounds a little scary for some people but believe me if I can do it you can do it too.

Marketing with video is a really hot topic right now online.  If you aren’t doing it yet you should be because it really does help get traffic to your site and can give you a real presence online unlike nothing else.

Here are some basics to get you started and then if you are really interested in going full blown with this I have recommended some products and courses below that will teach you step by step how to market with video like a professional.

The first thing you need is a video camera that has the capability to download video to your computer.  If you already have one that comes with a USB cable then you will just need to get some video editing software that will let you export an internet ready file.  There are some free ones available like Windows Movie Maker or you can just do a search for free video editing software on Google.

I bought a little camera called a Flip camera that already has the sofware built right into it.  You can find it right at WallMart for a little over $100.00.  It was well worth the price because I also have used it to create email video birthday cards for my family and used it to make a little movie of  my children’s school play.  So it is doubling as a work/play camera.  And it is soooo easy to use!

Next do a quick video about your business, what you have to offer, and how they can find you.  Make sure your video looks professional and is interesting enough to catch peoples attention.  Upload the video to You Tube and other similar video distribution places and you are ready to roll!  Remember this is just a starting point to get you working with video and finding different avenues to promote your business.  It doesn’t have to be perfect it just has to get out there in front of people so you can drive customers to your site.

Check out AskMrVideo.com for some great courses on marketing with video.
Also for other ways to use Video to promote your business check out this blog post!