Up until this past year I was running my business in somewhat of a box.  I ran my online boutique everyday by myself from my home office, made some connections through social networks, posted helpful information to my readers, and networked in my local area, but other than that I was really a one woman show living a very secluded business life.  My online boutique was still being successful by using your average everyday marketing techniques but I was very limited in my reach.  I could have gone on like this for years and honestly probably would have been fine with my progress –but wow did I not know what I was missing …. Until one day while doing some research online I came a cross a live event that seemed like it would be beneficial to me and my business and I decided to take that leap and go.

Wow am I glad I did—because it has made such a huge impact on me and my business success this year that you can’t even imagine.

The event that I attended was somewhat related to my online boutique — it was an internet marketing training event — it didn’t really give me much advice on how to run an online boutique — it wasn’t really about that.  At the time I was thinking of starting this blog and wanted to expand my business into consulting and training other people all that I had learned over the past few years running a business online.  I had seen so many other people have the same struggles that I did when I first started out and I really wanted to provide a place of valid helpful information that I knew worked and that others needed.  So I decided to go to a live event where I could meet other like minded individuals that were working towards similar goals and see what I could learn along the way. What a great decision that was for me!

Since that first live event — I have attended several other events this year — all of them have given me some great knowledge but to be honest with you the best thing that I got out of all of them is the connections I have made with other people in my field. Making those connections has taken my business to a whole new level.

The reason I am sharing these insights with you today is to just encourage you to take that leap—take some time this year to find a live event that is related to your business interests, go to it and don’t be shy, network and meet others, make friends, learn from them, and grow your business not in a box — but out of your shell, out of your comfort zone — and believe me you won’t be sorry.

The next live event I am attending is coming up soon.  I can’t wait to attend — for the networking — and the awesome content that is going to be provided.  If you are looking for a live event or awesome training event for building a business online then you will want to check out this one.

If you decide to go make sure you let me now so we can connect while we are there!

To Your Success!

Kate Wilber