Now that I have been running a business online for a few years and have seen success I have a lot of people ask me what was the one thing that made a big difference in growing my business.  That’s a hard question for me to answer because it has never been just one thing …. other then just working hard and being consistent with my efforts.  But if I had to narrow it down to one thing that I can definately say that after I did it I saw substantial results it would be “attending a live event”!

I have been in business online now for about 4 years and I have also been to 4 live events.  So on average I attend 1 live event a year.  Each event I have been to has been focused on internet marketing training.  The great thing about attending the live events is not only the top notch training you receive but the real benefit of attending live is meeting other “like minded” entrepreneur’s in person and forming a relationship with them.  I have met soooo many great people at the events I have attended!  The key to making it work for your business growth is what you do with those relationships after the event.

Here are a few pictures of some of the great people I met at the last Take Action Get Profits Live event that I attended!

Yes it’s nice to meet people at events and chat with them while you are there, but the benefit from it all (for both of you) is the relationship that grows from there.  I’m sure if you are anything like me you have met 100’s of people online using Facebook and Twitter, some of them you may even talk with every week through your social media channels … but just like every other relationship in life … having that face to face conversation takes it to a whole new level of bond and trust.

Social Media has made the effort of networking a lot quicker and easier especially if your business is mostly run online but there is still a level of trust that needs to be established if you want to do business with people either in a customer aspect or even a JV relationship that takes time to build.  But meeting someone in person speeds that process up by lighting speed.

The other great thing about attending Live events in your industry is that most of the time everyone else there is interested in the same thing you are … they are all “like minded” entrepreneurs interested in growing their business and networking with others doing the same thing.

This year I am taking things to a whole new level at the event I decide to attend.  I decided to be a “Corporate Sponsor” at the Take Action Get Profits event this October in New Orleans being held by Michele Scism.  Michele has been my mentor this past year and I have learned sooo much from her so I am honored to be a sponsor at her event.  I’m sure most of you reading this post either receive my newsletter or we are connected on social media in some way … but I would love to meet you in person too!

So I wanted to make sure I invited you to this awesome event … with a FREE TICKET!  Michele is an awesome teacher and I know if you attend you will not be disappointed … it will be jam packed full of great content and I know alot of the other people attending … so I know for sure you will be in great company!



Let me know if you have any questions about the event … and if you decide to attend please let me know so we can make sure to try to meet in person while we are there!  You can find me at “The Marketing Momma” booth at the event … so make sure to stop by so we can chat!

To Your Success!

Kate Wilber

The Marketing Momma