Now that new Timeline layout for FB Business Pages has launched ~ Have you evaluated your current marketing strategy for FB to make sure they will still be effective with the new changes?




Here are some tips to get you headed in the right direction:

  1. Create a custom Welcome Tab in the new dimensions of 810 or less to send your new visitors to when enticing them to become a Fan.  Now that the default landing tabs are no longer available you will have to develop a strategy to send your visitors directly to the custom tab’s url.  One strategy would be to use the custom tab’s url in your marketing material so that your traffic will land directly on the tab, using Facebook advertising campaigns can become a key part in your marketing strategy to build targeted fans if used correctly with your custom tabs.
  2. Create an enticing Timeline Cover that includes pictures of your top products or services to entice the visitors to explore your page more to learn more about your business (unfortunately no calls to action or contact information is allowed in this space so you will have to find creative ways to include that information in other parts of your page)
  3. Customize the “Tab Link Images” to draw attention to your custom tabs including calls to actions and inviting images.
  4. Arrange your tabs so that your 3 most important call to action tabs are showing on the  main page underneath the cover image (The photo’s tab is not adjustable)
  5. Place a clickable link to your website’s url in the about section directly under the profile image by including the http:// before the url and placing it as the first words in your about section so that it shows on the main page.  (Choose a category for your Page that will allow the about section to show here, categories will have different data here depending on which one you pick)
  6. Pin a new post each week that includes a call to action driving traffic back to your website, products, and services(Your pins can stay at the top of your page for 7 days)
  7. Highlight a post with an enticing image about one of your products or services to draw attention to it when new visitors visit your page
  8. Encourage interaction with your posts in the form of comments by asking questions, doing surveys and polls, and providing content that encourages commenting, sharing, and Liking (FB’s newsfeed edgerank makes engagement more important now then ever … you need your fans to engage with your page to make sure they have a chance of seeing your posts in their newsfeed… engagement is key)
  9. Create a Contest for your FB Page that will entice your Fans to come back to your Facebook Page and interact
  10. Include an opt-in box either on your Welcome Tab or on a custom tab of it’s own to drive traffic to with an enticing free offer to collect emails for further engagement off of FB! Don’t miss this step ~ statistics show that 96% of Fans never come back to your Fan Page and typically, less than 16% of a Page’s fans are seeing your posts in their newsfeed … so grabbing that email when they first come to your page is a HUGE strategy you need to implement to get the most out of your FB marketing!
  11. Use FB ad campaigns to bring fans back to your page by doing sponsored stories ads with Fan only deals.

Anytime a platform you are using to market your business makes big changes it is always important to re-evaluate your marketing strategy to make sure what you are doing will still be effective.  I hope these strategies are helpful to you ~ Do you have any tips or strategies to share with the new FB Timeline Layout?  I would love to hear them below in the comments!

Here are a few other helpful resources highlighting the new FB changes

To Your Success!

Kate Wilber

The Marketing Momma