One thing that I notice alot of people make the mistake with when they are using social media to market their brand is that they forget to integrate and connect all of their social media pages with their website.  This is such a key step to making it work because after all one of the main reasons you are using social media is to drive traffic back to your site … and to also build a relationship with your customers.

Don’t forget these key steps:

  • You want to make it very easy for your website visitors to connect with you on your social media channels right from your website so that way they can continue building that relationship with you even after they leave your website … social media gives you the chance to stay in contact with them everyday on a small basis to keep you top of mind for them so when they are ready for your services they will know just who to go to .. because you have already built that relationship by interacting with them on Twitter and Facebook, etc…  So make sure to include clickable links to all of your social media pages above the fold on your website so it is very obvious for visitors to make that further connection with you.  If your website is a WordPress site you can easily achieve this by using the “Social Media” widget and add it to your sidebar or header depending on what Theme you are using.

  • You also want to make it very easy for someone visiting your Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube pages to connect with you on your website … that’s why it is sooooo important to provide a clickable link on your social media pages where it is very easy for visitors to see and click on.  You want it to be one of the first things they see so when they are on your page it is a very obvious choice to click on the link and learn more about you and your business.  (Make sure to include the http:// so that it is a clickable link)


  • A few other great things to include are widgets in your sidebar of your website that show the interaction going on on your other social media pages.  Using the Facebook Like box is a great way to bring the social aspect of things into your website because people can see the faces of all the other people connected with you and see the interaction you are having with them live … you can also do the same thing with Twitter using the Twitter feed widget.  Showing your live interaction with other people this way on your website shows your visitors that you are accessible, there is a real person behind the company, and that you are there to build a relationship with them.

One of the main keys to making social media marketing work for your business is to set it up so you are able to connect with your visitors in a way that you will be building a long term relationship, it normally takes way more then one interaction with someone to build up enough trust for them to pull out their wallet for you so you want to make sure you are able to continue the conversation after that first interaction … and that is where your social media marketing strategy comes into play.

To Your Success!

Kate Wilber

The Marketing Momma