As founder and CEO of Barefoot Bella, LLC Kate Wilber has built her business online from the ground up.  Teaching from her experience and knowledge of running her own online business for the past two years Kate is a great resource for anyone looking to expand their business on the internet.

Kate started out building her business online with her ecommerce store an online Children’s Boutique and expanded into consulting for other business owners because she wanted to share her knowledge with others seeking to build a successful business online.

With the desire to work from home so that she could raise her 4 children Kate has built a business that is the best of both worlds.  A business that fills her entrepreneurial aspirations with an income to support her family and time with her growing children.  She built her business from pure determination to work from home, raise her kids, and contribute to her families finances.

“The Marketing Momma” consulting division of the Barefoot Bella corporation was started by Kate to help others in their quest to work from home and build a business.  We offer several courses to get you started in the right direction to build your online business.  Visit our “Online Courses” page to see what courses are currently offered.  We always have new courses underway and will be adding more on an ongoing basis.

“The Marketing Momma” Kate Wilber is also a reliable resource for small business owners who want to market their business online in an effective and affordable way.  Whether your business is Brick and Mortar or Web-Based, knowing how to market it correctly and within your budget can truely mean success or failure.  As the owner of the online Children’s Boutique Barefoot Bella Kate teaches from her own experience and knowledge of marketing online to build a successful business with a solid presence online.

From free marketing tactics to paid advertising, product creation to social networking, Kate can provide the resources and advice you need to get your business name noticed and advance with your business goals.

We also offer one on one coaching for more in depth training — visit our Services page to see what we have to offer.  For more information and to recieve notifications of the product releases and class updates visit our business blog at http:/