First off I wanted to say Happy Easter and wish you and your family a wonderful holiday! I hope you take this opportunity like I am to take some time off to spend some quality time together with your loved ones. One of my favorite things about working online is the ability to set things up to keep on running smoothly even when I decide to take a break and as promised last week I want to share with you a few tips on how I do this.

One thing to remember is that even though you should always take a break from your work you don’t want your marketing systems to take a break. The key to making most marketing strategies work is to always be in front of your potential client giving them what they need and want, when they need and want it.  So even though you are taking a much needed break it is crucial to put in place systems that will keep your marketing strategy going strong.

Here are a few strategies you can put on auto pilot that will still keep your authentic message in place but allow you to schedule your marketing message to keep on going:

  • Plan out your blog posts for the week or even the month and use the scheduled post function in your wordpress blog to schedule your posts out over time.  Your message is still authentic because it is coming straight from you …but you have just scheduled it to be shared at a certain sequence within your marketing schedule. (just look for the Publish immediately button and click edit to schedule the day and time of your post)
  • Use a site like hootesuite to schedule your social media posts out for the week.  Although I do not recommend automating your social media efforts on an ongoing basis can be helpful to schedule some posts out for each day so that you are still staying in touch with your followers…but if you do this make sure you check in thoughout the day to respond to any replies if you have automated messages to still keep the conversation going.  One great thing about social media is that even if you are on vacation you can share some of your personal trip with your fans and followers right from your phone so you won’t miss a beat of social interaction even while on vacation! And letting your followers know that you are human is always a good thing….let them get to know you!
  • Plan your newsletter in advance and schedule it to be broadcast using your aweber broadcast system.  Using a newsletter to stay in touch with your subscribers is a great way to share your expertise and keep in touch on a regular basis.  The great thing about using aweber is that you can set it up to take care of your follow up system in a scheduled and automated way.  You supply the top notch content and let aweber take care of getting it to your subscribers! You can also do the same thing with your email follow up sequence for any of your opt-in offers you have set up.
  • Hire a VA to manage some of the day to day stuff so things can run smoothly even if you are away enjoying that tropical vacation you always wanted to take. Hiring a VA does not have to mean giving up control of what goes on in your business it just means you have a support system in place so that you can concentrate on the business building activities that will make you more money while the other still important tasks get done effectively too.  Remember you are only one person and there is only so much of you to go around….so don’t be afraid to delegate!  Believe me it is well worth it in the big picture of things.

I hope you have a fantastic holiday week!  Make sure to leave a comment to tell me what you have planned for Spring Break ..I would love to hear all about it!

To Your Success!

Kate Wilber

The Marketing Momma

PS Disclaimer:  The link in this blog post is an affiliate link and if you decide to purchase from it I will make a small commission.  Thanks!  Just remember I only recommend products that I use myself and feel would be beneficial to you and your business!