Today we are going to continue our series of helpful tips from Susanne Myers on Link Building Strategies for your website.  Hope you enjoy her helpful tips and as always let me know if I can help you with anything! Today she will be focusing on some great ways to build backlinks ~ enjoy!


Three Unusual Ways To Build Backlinks

By Susanne Myers

There are all sorts of different ways to build incoming links to your site. Today I want to share some ideas with you that you probably haven’t thought of or tried yet. Here are three unusual link building ideas.

Write And Submit A Press Release

Press releases are a great way to drive traffic and build some strong incoming links to your site. Whenever something even remotely newsworthy happens on your site (you are running a sale or changed your site’s look for example), write a short little press release about it including a link back to your site and submit it via a submission service like PR Web and send it to your local media outlets. Not only do you get a strong link from some of the popular press release sites, a newspaper or radio station may pick up on your story and post something on their website with a link back to you.

Track Who’s Republishing Your Content And Offer Them Unique Articles

Another strategy I like to use is to publish articles in various popular article directories. A few weeks later, I Google the exact title of the article and my name to see what other sites have picked up my article. For this article for example I would search for: “3 Link Building Ideas You Haven’t Tried Yet” + Susanne Myers

I would then contact the owner of each website where I find the article and offer them additional unique articles that of course link back to my site.

Create A Top Expert List

My last idea for you today is to create a top expert list in your nice. For my site, I may find some of the top SEO and link building experts and create a quick blog post that lists each of them including a photo and a short bio about them. I would start to publicize that list.

Other bloggers will link to it as a great resource. I would also email each expert to let them know that they are part of the top expert list. Many of them will mention the list on their website, in their newsletter or via social media. Over time I should get quite a few links to my expert list post.

You can easily do the same in your niche and get links to your top expert post. Don’t forget to include yourself at the top of your expert list and link to any products you have, list signup pages or to some related content you want to promote.

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Remember consistency is what keeps you moving forward when building a business online so make sure you put what you learn to good use ~ and go build some backlinks!!

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