Social Media is hot right now and is sure to be for quite some time.  If you aren’t using it in your business everyday to build relationships with your existing customers and your potential customers than you are on your way to being left out in the cold.  So start using it today!

To help you get started here are 5 top FREE social media sites that every business owner should be using in some way or form.

  1. Twitter:  When used correctly (meaning don’t just sell, sell, sell) this tool can be a great lead generating tool and even a sales machine in itself. (Follow me
  2. Facebook:  Wow– a potential market of over 350 million users –I’m sure somewhere in that massive amount of people you can find potential customers to build a relationship with. (We can be friends at
  3. YouTube:  Now the second largest search engine in line behind google itself (also owned by google) A great way to build a brand for yourself and let people really get to know you and your business. (Check out my Barefoot Bella channel featuring new products for the upcoming Spring season
  4. LinkedIn:  A great place to network with other business owners and show what your business has to offer.  Make connections and build relationships. (Make a connection with me @

Always remember when using social media to use the 80/20 rule.  80% personal interest and building relationships and 20% business.  Nobody wants to be blasted with promotion after promotion — your main purpose of social media is to build a relationship with people, offer helpful information, and to stay connected with what’s going on in your field of interests.

Lets start building a better relationship now — go ahead and become my friend, follow me, and make a connection.  I would love to get to know you and your business better!

To Your Success!

Kate Wilber