Social Media Marketing moves quick and if you don’t make an effort to keep up with all the changes going on you can get left behind before you know it!  So today I wanted to share with you some great articles I read this week that will help you stay in tuned with what’s new on all the top social media marketing channels.

1.  Gmail changes, How Marketers should respond ~ Do you use email to market your business?  Then you really need to read this article to see how the recent Gmail changes may affect your results.

2.  Pinterest gets more personal with browser tracking ~ Do you use Pinterest to market your business?  If not you should really consider it.  They have just added some great features to help you target your potential customers better.

3.  Add a Youtube Channel subscribe button to your website ~ Up until recently the only way you could subscribe to a YouTube channel was on the main Youtube site but they just introduced an embeddable button that you can place on your own website, giving you a quick and easy way for your readers to subscribe to your video content.

4.  New Facebook features:  What marketers need to know ~ Facebook is always making changes and improvements, recently they made some changes that marketers really need to pay attention to.

5.  LinkedIn introduces sponsored updates ~ Similar to how Facebook Sponsored posts work, you can now get your message to more people on LinkedIn with their new sponsored updates feature.

Make sure to check out all the articles, they are full of some great info you need to know to stay current with your marketing strategy.

To Your Success!

Katie Wilber

The Marketing Momma