Do you ever feel like you need to liven it up a bit?  When it comes to your social media strategy there is nothing worse then doing the same old boring posts over and over again.  I mean really how often do you think your Fans want to know you had a ham and cheese sandwich for lunch?  I mean don’t get me wrong your social media strategy does need to be based around your everyday life … because after all it is called “social” but you also have to remember to spice it up a bit … just like in real everyday life … the same mundane routine can prove to be detrimental.

Here are 4 cool ways you can liven it up a bit to keep it interesting:

  1. Sharing quotes is a great way to increase engagement on your social media pages, people love quotes … but they also love pictures and images are known to have a much higher rate of engagement then just plain text.  A great way to create some cool pictures with your quotes is by using a site like  Quotes are great but quotes made into an image are even better!
  2. If you use Twitter in your social media strategy you know that there isn’t much room to expand on your creativity with only 140characters but thanks to a new app called Vine you can now create cool little short looping videos to share. According to the Vine Blog … “Like Tweets, the brevity of videos on Vine (6 seconds or less) inspires creativity. Now that you can easily capture motion and sound, we look forward to seeing what you create.”
  3. Pictures make everything a little more fun and with Instagram you can share your pictures everyday with your friends, fans , and followers.  Instagram is a great social network in it’s own right that you should start using as part of our overall marketing strategy but you can also liven up your other social media pages like Facebook and Twitter by sharing your Instagram pics there too.
  4. Sharing your content in several different ways is a great way to keep things fresh, one great way to share content other then text and video is audio.  The best and easiest tool to use for sharing your audio recordings is Sound Cloud.  Just record your content on sound cloud and then share it with your social media channels, your connections will love hearing the sound of your voice and it will give you a fresh new way to share what you have to offer.

The key to social media success is connection and engagement, keeping your content fresh is a great way to increase your engagement and keep your connections coming back for more!

If you have any other suggestions on cool ways to liven it up a bit I would love to hear about them.  Please share them in the comments below so we can all learn more about them!

To Your Success!

Kate Wilber

The Marketing Momma

Kate Wilber is the founder and CEO of The Marketing Momma.  She helps small business owners bring their brand online in an effective and affordable way. Specializing in WordPress Website Design and Social Media Marketing she thrives in working with other small business owners to bring their dream alive online using the top industry strategies for ultimate success!  She has been working online full time since 2008 Read More