When promoting your business or product online are you doing it in a way that your potential customers can find you?

The internet is a big place—I mean enormous place!  It has no boundaries–and if you aren’t careful you can definately get lost in the sea of never-ending websites.

Here is a quick list of ways you can make sure your potential customer can find you.

  • Do Your keyword research! This is definately the most important thing to start with.  Think about what kind of terms your potential customer would use to find your product and then research it at  http://www.seobook.com to see if a lot of other people use that term to look for a product like yours.    Then use those keywords in your product descriptions, page titles, sales pages, etc…
  • Link to relevant and complimentary sites that will link back to you in return.  Examples would be if you are selling children’s clothes try to have a link to your site on blogs that talk about children’s fashions.  You can also get listed in relevant directories that are related to what you are selling.
  • Start a Blog talking about topics related to your product.  Continually add helpful and relevant content that your potential customer will be interested in–and have a link back to your main website that is selling your product.
  • Use Web 2.0 sites to find your target customer and build a relationship with them through your posts.  An example of this would be to start using Twitter,  follow others that are interested in your niche or product, provide relevant and helpful information, and build a relationship!

These are just a few of the ways you can help your customers find you.  Don’t forget to put yourself in your customers shoes.  How do you find what you are looking for when you search online? Put yourself and your product in front of your potential customer in as many places as possible.