Today I am honored to share with you a great list that was just released of the 101 Best Blogs for work at home moms–and excited to say that The Marketing Momma was included in this list.  This list includes an awesome list of helpful blogs for any mom in business looking for some great resources.  The list includes everything from blogs offering business tips, resources for work at home entrepreneurs, easy recipes for moms on the go, blogs for moms looking to work from home, and more.  Stop by and check it out — I’m sure you will find something in this extensive list that will be helpful to you in some kind of way–I know I did.

Since we are on the subject of blogs and I just gave you a link to an extensive list of awesome mom blogs to check out I thought I would tie today’s lesson into the subject of marketing by “guest blogging”.  We have discussed this marketing tactic a few months ago but since this is such an effective way of getting your name and message out to your target market I wanted to follow up on this marketing tool again.  Guest Blogging is a great marketing tool for several reasons.  One reason is that when you do a blog post on someone else’s blog you are expanding your reach to other’s that you might not normally be in contact with — and the second reason is you are also building effective and relevant back links to your website by providing a link back to your website within the guest post.

There are a few strategies to follow when implementing guest blogging as a marketing tool for your business that you will want to follow.  The first thing is to find other blogs that are relevant to your market, there is no use guest blogging on a motorcycle blog if you sell children’s clothes.  Make sure the blogs that you seek out are relevant to your niche market.  The next thing is to start to build a relationship with the blog’s owner in some form before you request to post on their blog.  It’s just like any other relationship you build–you need to form a relationship of some kind–whether through twitter -retweeting their tweets, through posting helpful comments on their blog, or by emailing them and telling them how much of a fan you are of their work.  Don’t just expect every blog you are interested in to offer you a chance to post something on their site–remember their website is sacred to them, an important part of their business and livelyhood and you will most likely have to earn their trust before they allow you to be a part of their sacred space.  So start to build a relationship with them first and then work on the guest blogging opportunity.  One helpful tip is to find other related bloggers in some of the communities/forums you are already involved with–if you are involved in these communities you most likely already have relationships built that will be beneficial for this strategy. (if you are looking for a great forum to join I suggest this one)

Add guest blogging to your marketing strategy as soon as possible and believe me you will start to see results.  For more helpful information on guest blogging check out the Blog Tour Guide offered by Nicole Dean.  She has some awesome tips and ideas in this guide and this is how I got started with my guest blogging.

If you have a blog that is related to the internet marketing niche or a mom blog that may compliment The Marketing Momma Blog or my Barefoot Bella blog and you are interested in exchanging guest blogging with me please contact me to discuss it further.  I am always interested in having guest bloggers to contribute to my site and vice versa.

To Your Success!

Kate Wilber

PS Disclaimer:  The link in this blog post is an affiliate link and if you decide to purchase from it I will make a small commission.  Thanks!  Just remember I only recommend products that I use myself and feel would be beneficial to you and your business!