Social Media has transformed the way companies market their brand in today’s market.  Having a strong social media and online presence is now a key factor in any marketing strategy for any small business.  Having the right person manage it for you can be the difference between wasted time and money, and success!

Gone are the days of one way marketing … people want more and expect more these days and that is where an effective social media strategy comes into play.  Contrary to some beliefs just because your 16 year old daughter has a Facebook page that does not qualify her to be your business’s social media strategist. Remember this is your business and your livelihood and you should treat your social media strategy the same way you would any advertising campaign for your business ~ with your ROI in consideration and your brands professionalism at stake.  That’s why finding a qualified social media strategist is the best solution.

10 reasons your business needs a Social Media Manager

  1. Time ~ If you own a business then you have enough to handle with your day to day tasks to keep things running smoothly and honestly don’t have the time it takes to manage a social media marketing campaign effectively.  That’s why hiring an expert to manage it for you is the solution!
  2. Consistency ~ Social Media Marketing works when it is done consistently and appropriately for your target market.  As the business owner you have many tasks that are your responsibility each day and some that may pop up unexpectantly…that’s why delegating the social media tasks to someone else is key to keep things consistent and effective.
  3. Expertise ~ Utilizing Social Media as an effective marketing strategy is a lot more involved then just posting to your friends on Facebook.  Knowing the right strategies can mean the difference between just wasting time socializing and effectively marketing your business to increase your bottom line.  That’s why trusting your social media tasks to a Certified Social Media Manager is highly recommended.  Since the field of social media is such a hot new field there are many new self proclaimed social media gurus popping up daily so be sure you are dealing with someone trained correctly with the necessary experience to market your business effectively.
  4. Brand Development ~ Building your brand online is an important marketing factor in today’s digital world.  If your company doesn’t have a website or social media presence then you are already behind the eight ball.  Most consumers start by searching online when they are interested in a product or service and if you don’t have a good presence online your competitors are already ahead of he game.  Social Media Marketing is an important factor in building an effective brand presence online and a social media manager can help you set up your brand online in a professional and inviting way.
  5. Reputation Management ~ When is the last time you checked what people are saying about you and your business online?  Monitoring your brands reputation is an important part of any social media manger’s job.  Your social media manager should stay on top of consumers opinions and comments about your brand and respond appropriately when needed per your direction. Many consumers now use social media pages as a quick customer service outlet and your social media manager can monitor your social media pages on a daily basis to field customer service issues that may arise, so it’s like having a built in customer service rep right on Facebook and Twitter.
  6. Your competitor already has one ~ If you haven’t noticed yet ~ everyone wants you to “Like” their page.  You hear it on the radio, TV, and print ads … almost every top brand has a Facebook Page and directs their advertisement towards that page.  The reason for this is so that they can build a relationship with the consumer and if your business is not doing this yet … you better get hopping because it is almost guaranteed that your competitor already is.
  7. Build a targeted community ~ Social Media is all about building a community.  Creating a relationship with your potential and existing customers is key in this new age of marketing.  People want to know, like, and trust who they buy from and social media is the first step to building that relationship of trust.  Your social media manger will be able to build and nurture that community for you on a daily basis while you focus on running your business.
  8. Ongoing Reporting and Improvement ~ Knowing what is working and what’s not is a key factor in any social media marketing campaign.  Keeping track of key metrics each week and then reporting them to the business owner can give great insight to what your community reacts to and connects with.  Tracking this and making improvements and changes as needed is an ongoing task for your social media manager.
  9. You need a well thought out plan and strategy ~ Creating a consistent ongoing marketing plan that your company can implement is key to making any social media strategy work.  Coordinating your website or blog content with your social media efforts is a key component of any social media manager’s job.  We create the plan with you and implement it for you so you can focus on the important stuff ~ managing your business and making money!
  10. Your Social Media Manager can expand your brand’s reach daily ~ One of the most important tasks of a social media manager is to expand your brands reach online daily by increasing your Fans, followers, and connections in a strategic targeted way.  Focusing on this daily can create huge exposure for your business in a short amount of time and your social media manager can make this a top priority.

The bottom line is social media marketing is here to stay as a key factor in any small business marketing strategy and now is the time to get your strategy in place.

If you are ready to move your business forward with the #1 marketing strategy used in today’s market make sure to contact me today for a 1 on 1 consultation on how we can build your business brand online with a top social media marketing strategy.

To Your Success!

Kate Wilber

The Marketing Momma