Creating a successful social media strategy has many factors to it and leaving out some key components can really make or break your efforts.





Here’s a quick list of the 10 top things to consider when creating and planning your overall social media strategy:

  • Create a plan to increase your network of Targeted Fans and Followers on a daily basis
  • Customize all of your social media pages and website to represent your brand in a professional and consistent way
  • Link all of your social media pages with each other and with your website
  • Share great content on a daily basis that will lead your followers back to your products or services
  • Engage with your fans and followers in a positive way each day
  • Share other top content from other leaders in your industry
  • Give your readers an easy way to share your content with others right from your blog posts or website pages
  • Place your social media links above the fold on your website so that it makes it easy for your website visitors to follow you on your other social media channels
  • Be interesting, informative, helpful, personal, social, and engaging to build relationships and expert authority in your niche
  • Remember to show your personal side … people really do want to get to know you

Once you get your strategy planned out you will want to make sure you have your website all set up correctly to integrate your social media for maximum exposure and connection. Here are the tools you will want to include to make that happen. (These tools are easily integrated if you are using WordPress for your website ~ which is what I recommend for best results!)

  • Social Media Widget  ~ This is a great plugin to use for adding all of your social media buttons/icons to your website to make it easy for your visitors to connect with you on your social media pages
  • Really simple Facebook Twitter share buttons ~ This is a great plugin that adds share buttons above or below your blog posts to make it very easy for your readers to share your content on all the major social channels FB, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google +
  • Really Simple Twitter Feed Widget ~ This plugin allows you to set up your Twitter feed right in your sidebar so visitors can see your latest tweets and follow you
  • Facebook Like Box ~ Adding a Facebook Like Box to your sidebar can help encourage your readers to decide to become a Fan because they will see the faces of your other Fans and see your recent posts

Now that you know the key items to include in your strategy all that’s left is to implement and take action!

Make sure to let me know if you have any questions about these steps below in the comments section.  I would love to hear form you!

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To Your Success!

Kate Wilber

The Marketing Momma


Kate Wilber is the founder and CEO of The Marketing Momma.  She helps small business owners bring their brand online in an effective and affordable way. Specializing in WordPress Website Design and Social Media Marketing she thrives in working with other small business owners to bring their dream alive online using the top industry strategies for ultimate success!  She has been working online full time since 2008 Read More