You asked your social media questions, and I’m answering!

Your Most Burning Questions Answered! I was so excited with the response I got from all of you when I reached out to you the other day to see what your most burning questions were about marketing your business with social media. One of the things I love most about my job is that I […]

5 articles you should read this week about Marketing

Social Media Marketing moves quick and if you don’t make an effort to keep up with all the changes going on you can get left behind before you know it!  So today I wanted to share with you some great articles I read this week that will help you stay in tuned with what’s new […]

Social Media Content That Works

Have you ever heard the phrase Content is King?  This phrase is so true when it comes to building a successful online presence, it applies to your website content and your social media content.  People come to the internet to search for the type of content they need and want.  So the content you share […]

A few rules to live by that I learned from my Mom…

In honor of Mother’s day … I was thinking about my Mom today and everything I have learned from her by the way she lives her life and I just wanted to share them with you today.  My Mom is an amazing woman and the Rock of our family, I am so blessed to have […]

Easy Social Media Management Tools

Life is busy and managing your social media everyday can be a challenging thing if you don’t have the right tools in place.  In today’s video I share with you the two tools I use everyday to stay on top of my social media marketing plan and keep things running smoothly.  It’s easy once you […]

5 New Facebook Rules and Additions you need to know about

As you probably already know by now Facebook is an ever changing creature and if you are going to use it to market your business effective you need to stay on top of what’s new … sometimes it can feel like a full time job just trying to keep up so today I wanted to […]

Your Social Media Jump Start Kit

Social Media Marketing is one of the top ways most businesses are getting exposure for their businesses nowadays.  If you aren’t using social media as one of your main marketing strategies yet I highly suggest you start. One of the main reasons I hear most small business owners say they haven’t started using it yet […]

Facebook Changes ~ What to Expect

With the goal of reducing the clutter and trying to appeal to consumers and advertisers Facebook has announced that big changes are coming.  A select few accounts have already seen the changes to their newsfeed and the rest of us will be rolled out over the next few weeks according to Facebook. Here’s a quick […]

A few simple ways to get people to share your content

Are you talking to yourself? Do you ever feel like you are talking to yourself when you are posting on social media or writing a blog post?  I know sometimes it can feel like that when you are posting consistently and giving out your best but you just aren’t getting a response. No one is […]